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Membership Payment Methods

Membership payment methods are used to charge invoices and to let members buy time passes, booking passes etc. A membership payment method is always connected to one of the payment methods set up for the space.

When selecting a payment method for a member using the Cobot web interface, users have to submit their card/bank details directly to the processor's site/api via a web form or a JavaScript call. This form/call usually returns a token that is connected to the submitted card/account, which is what Cobot stores in order to process payments.

When assigning a payment method via the API, you need to implement the flow to submit the payment details yourself, and only send the resulting token(s) to Cobot (the customer_id below).

Right now this endpoint is only implemented for Stripe. Contact us if you need support for other processors.

Authentication required
yes, additionally user must be a space admin
Scope required


  "payment_method_id": "a7vb410400c427cb4a3262e6874c9fa63", // id of a Stripe payment method set up for the space
  "customer_id": "12345" // Stripe customer id


  "payment_method_id": "a7vb410400c427cb4a3262e6874c9fa63",
  "customer_id": "12345"

In case something goes wrong at Stripe (status 422):

  "errors": ["something went wrong"]

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