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COVID-19 Update

Cobot is staying up-to-date on the latest COVID-19 developments and how they affect our community of coworking spaces. Please read our statement below and find a list of resources that we’re providing to help spaces impacted by the continuing global response to the coronavirus.

We are here to support you – a message to our community

Hello to everyone in the Cobot community. This is an extraordinarily difficult time, we see it in our inboxes and in our own lives as we continue to deal with unexpected challenges that would have been unthinkable just three weeks ago. We’re wishing you all health and safety and want to let you know what steps we’re taking to support our spaces.

Two weeks ago, based on recommendations from the healthcare community here in Germany, we switched to completely remote work before there was an official recommendation from the government. Our product continues to be fully maintained and fully supported. But that doesn’t mean everything is normal here. We’re focusing all of our energy on developing new features and resources designed to get spaces through this tough time, as well as helping to find solutions for spaces struggling to make ends meet.

We’re here to support you.

It’s times like these we have to take stock of what’s important and demonstrate our values through our actions. We are committed to supporting independent businesses, freelancers, and others who are affected by the global COVID-19 crisis. After all, we’re a small business made up of many former freelancers from around the world and we’re concerned for the health and safety of our neighbors and friends. If you have concerns, questions, or requests, please reach out to our team and we’ll work to find a solution together.

Stay safe and healthy out there.

Alex, Kriesse, Thilo, and the Cobot team
Berlin, March 24th 2020

Cobot resources to help your space

If you want to offer your members a reason to continue their memberships while they are unable to access the physical space, we now offer an option to prevent members’ monthly time passes from expiring. This way they will continue to collect one of their membership perks for later use. To activate this feature for your space please reach out to our support.

Contact Support »

Right now, people are looking for ways to support the local businesses they rely on. We’ve heard from many spaces looking for a way to sell resources in advance, giving their members a way to support them financially now. Cobot offers the ability to sell bulk time passes that you can sell today and your members can cash in later.

Learn more about selling time passes »

We’ve re-opened the Cobot Spaces Slack. This is a space for operators to connect with one another and share their advice, their suggestions, and work together to find solutions to whatever challenges pop up. We’ll have members of our team in the Slack participating in discussions and contributing our knowledge where we can.

Join the Coworking Spaces Slack Channel »

Many spaces are looking for ways to change large groups of memberships at once. We’ve enabled bulk plan changes for all of our spaces. If you want to offer a discount for a membership tier by moving members to a new plan with the discount included, it’s now simple to do so or update an entire plan with new information.

Find out how to make the most of bulk plan changes »

Your Admin Analytics tables for New Members, Up/Downgrades and Cancellations are now easier to find, contain additional fields, and can be sorted by every value (e.g. plan) to get an easier overview of your members’ activity. And now multi-location spaces can view and compare their Members and Revenue across locations.

Use analytics like a pro »

Display a COVID-19 text box on on the new Member Options page encouraging members to contact their space before cancelling. You can turn this on or off under Customize » Features » Options.

Customize your Cobot experience »

Admins are now able to compose new messages directly to members from Admin » Message. The message outbox now shows a preview of the message and recipient avatars. The New Message view has also been updated.

Messages are simple using Cobot »

Community Resources

The global coworking community has been putting their collective brainpower towards finding ways to weather the storm, whether it’s big picture solutions or the smallest initiatives and local knowledge, now’s the time to lean on the community we’ve worked so hard to build.

The team behind the Coworking Library has released the Crisis Directory. It’s a global directory of resources to help you find emergency funds, local tax and financial relief, and other info to help small businesses and freelancers weather the storm.

Coworkies has been connecting people across coworking spaces for years and now they’re helping spaces find financial and community resources.

GCUC put together ideas for how to pivot into a virtual services and keep your community engaged.

Alex Hillman of Indy Hall in Philadelphia has been open about the painful process of choosing to temporarily close the space, but also what they’re doing to maintain their community and retain their members. He’s just given a long, honest talk about why he closed his space early, strategies for retaining members through the crisis, and how Indy Hall is balancing ethics and business.

CoworkingResources has put together a document compiling articles, advice, and steps to protect your space, your staff, and your members.

Some things we’re seeing coworking spaces do:

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