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Time to reopen?

Are you wondering when and how you can safely reopen your coworking space while supporting and serving your members? We’re here to help. Our team at Cobot has worked with spaces all over the world to support them as they return to operations and seek to find the right balance and ensure the safety of everyone who uses their space.

Government Resources

Federal, state, and local government agencies from around the world have been publishing guidelines on reopening your business. Find the ones that apply to you to know what your obligations are, then take a look at guidelines from around the world to see how you can incorporate further best practices into your space.

The UK has published a comprehensive guide to workplace safety, with best practices on everything ranging from sanitizer placement to handling on-site visits. Pay particular attention to sections 3 and 4 on workplace guidelines.

California has posted industry-specific reopening guidance designed to reduce risk. Be sure to check out their comprehensive and downloadable PDF and checklist for Office Workspaces.

For our German-speaking spaces, here is the German Bundesregierung guide to reopening for businesses.

South Korea has had an excellent response to COVID-19, and they have released their guidelines for reopening. It’s written in Korean, but Quarz Magazine has translated some of the actionable advice from the document into English.

Community Resources and News

Jean-Yves Huwart interviewed Karina Kerja on the way that design can make a bigger impact than asking people to change their behavior. People want to get back to work and they’re already aware that things will be changing, so making big layout changes won’t be as jarring now.

What design changes can you make?

If you’re looking for inspiration for how you can make a well-distanced workplace still feel comfortable to actually work in, this concept of the "six feet office" is taking best-practices and forming them into new design principles.

See the principles of the six feet office

Wondering how to market yourself? Put your best foot forward and demonstrate through your actions what coworking has to offer, now more than ever. Forbes published an article on the new importance of coworking spaces and it offers insights into an effective marketing strategy.

Read the article here

A message from our team

Thank you for continuing to demonstrate the value (and values) of coworking during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve seen your resilience and it has continued to inspire us as we all struggle with challenges brought on by lockdowns, social distancing, and a lack of long-term stability.

If there’s anything you would like from Cobot, or ways we could help improve our product for your space, please let us know and we will work with you to find a solution. We’re a team made up of real people, most of whom either worked for or from coworking spaces ourselves. We’re here to help you to make sure that we can all go back to coworking as quickly and safely as possible.

Cobot <3 Community

We’re a Berlin-based company that began offering software as a solution for our very own coworking space in the city. If you want to know more about us and why we care, visit our About Page.

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