How Can Non-Members Book A Meeting Room?

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There are 2 options for non member bookings:

  1. To give access to the booking calendar to non-members, or people dropping by the space irregularly, you can set up a plan without a monthly fee that includes the possibility of buying pre-paid booking passes. This means people who sign up to this plan will not be charged anything unless they buy passes in order to make bookings. This is a free option.
  2. You can activate the 'External Booking' Feature by going to Bookings > External Bookings and activate the rooms you would like to give non members access to. You can then embed these links on your website. There is an additional charge for this feature which will be added to your monthly Cobot invoice. Click here to read more on this.

If you choose to go with the first option, you can decide wether you would like non members to either:

A) be connected (have access to Cobot and be able to book for themselves) OR

B) Just be on the system and you book for them. In that case, you would add them in yourself as a member, you can also put in their billing information (credit card) for them. And then Cobot will bill them automatically and send out the email invoices. As long as they aren't connected, they won't have access to come in and book for themselves.


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