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How Can I Use Google Analytics?

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If you would like to add a tracking code for Cobot conversions in your analytics program, just copy the tag into the welcome messages that are sent out as part of your plans. You can edit the welcome message when adding or editing a plan, under Setup » Plans » Add/Edit » Messages » Welcome Message.

To use Google AdWords conversion tracking as an example:

  1. Log in to Google AdWords.
  2. Go to Tools » Conversions » click +Conversion.
  3. Enter a name in the conversion name field (ie. New Full-time Members).
  4. Click "Save and continue".
  5. Input your settings based on what you want to track, such as Conversion category (New Member/Sale) or Conversion value list (purchase price for each plan).
  6. Click Save » continue'.
  7. Click "I make changes to the code", then copy the tag from the code.
  8. Within Cobot, go to Setup » Plans » Edit Plan » Messages > Welcome Message.
  9. Paste that code into your Cobot 'Welcome Message' text.

Now, when a new member joins your space, logs in to Cobot, and sees the Welcome Message, it will include the tracking image and feed into your analytics on Google.


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