How Are The Numbers In The Analytics Section Calculated?

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  • "Time pass users" are members on a plan that has no monthly price.
  • "Members" are members on a paid plan.

Cancellations shows you members that canceled in the selected month (not the cancellation date but the date they clicked the cancel button).


Revenue is based on the paid invoices of the selected month. All prices are gross (including taxes).

By Source

"Other" are invoices created manually or line items added to existing invoices manually.


Attendance is based on check-ins in the space. Check-ins can be created either by checking in on Cobot or by using one of our access control integrations such as Wifi access, Kisi door access, etc.

“Visits in total” is the total number of check-ins. “Visiting members” is the number of members that checked in in the selected month.

Plan Utilization

This shows you the average number of days that members on a given plan have checked in for the given month vs. how many days they have available on their plan. For plans with time passes, the number of available days is based on the number of time passes, otherwise the number of weekdays in the selected month is used.


The "use to capacity" is based on a total 176h in a month (22x8h work days) multiplied by the given capacity of the resource.


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