Cloudessa Troubleshooting

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Setting up Cloudessa's RADIUS service is not a trivial task and should only be done by qualified technicians. The setup involved multiple moving parts, which can all lead to problems, if not done correctly. Here we've compiled a list of typical issues.

Failure to authenticate

In most cases, authentication failures are a result of a misconfiguration of the RADIUS protocols to be used for communication between your RADIUS hardware and Cloudessa. To debug this problem, first make sure that your hardware is using one of the authentication protocols set up for your virtual RADIUS server.

Log in to Cloudessa and go to Network Management -> Radius Setup -> Virtual RADIUS Servers and click on the server in the list.

Scroll down and open Advanced Settings. Under Auth Protocols you find the availale/enabled protocols. Make sure these match the settings of your hardware.

Debugging authentication failures

Cloudessa offers a debug mode that is helpful for analyzing any problems. To turn it on, go to the RADIUS server (see above), click the Edit button and tick the Enable debug checkbox.

After that, try authenticating a user again. Under Logs -> RADIUS Trace Logs you will find a detailed log of the authentication request and response. If you can't identify the problem, email the log to us.


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