How Can I Give My Members A Short-Term Promotional Rate?

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Here is how to offer your members a time-based promotion, like a 3-month summer special (25% off) or a first month at 50% cost.

  1. Register your member (or have them sign themselves up) to a plan.
  2. Choose Manage » Members » Membership View, then go to the box Plan » dropdown menu » Customize Plan.
  3. With a custom plan, the specifications of the plan will remain the same and you can simply adjust the fee. It will also be categorized as the original plan for analytics purposes.
  4. Next, choose Membership View » Plan » dropdown menu » Change Plan.
  5. Select the original plan.
  6. Set the "Change Date" field to be the end of the promotion period.
  7. Click "Change Plan".

Now your member will have the discounted plan until the date you set in the Change Plan field, and Cobot will automatically return them to the full-price plan at the end of the promotion.

Ongoing Promotions

If you find that many people are using a certain promotion, you may want to consider making it a hidden plan, which you can assign in step 1 above.

If a plan is hidden, only an admin can sign someone up to it by either:

  1. Sending the direct link of the plan by email (found under Setup » Plans » click on Plan name » Signup Link).
  2. Having someone sign up to another default plan, but changing their plan to the hidden one before confirming the membership.

Then, to put an end to the promotional period, you can skip directly to Step 4 and assign them to return to the full-price plan.


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