Can I Send Invoices In Advance Or A Reminder Email Before Members Are Charged?

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Yes, there are two different ways you can accomplish this:

1) You can install the free Reminders add-on under Add-ons » Reminders. Installing this will allow you to send a reminder email to your members a set number of days before an invoice is due.

2) You can set your member invoices to be sent a fixed number of days before they are due under Setup » Invoice Settings.

For example: Say your members are billed on the 1st of the month, and you enter "5" in this field. All of your members will receive their invoice, but not be charged, five days in advance of the 1st. They will then be charged as usual on the 1st. Charges incurred between the invoicing date and the billing date will still be added and charged.

If you do not see this option in your Invoice Settings, please contact support and we will activate it for you.

Important Note: Both options will send an email or your invoices in advance to all members in your space; it is not possible to set it to be sent to only specific people or members of a particular plan.


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