Can I Send Messages/Emails/Newsletters To My Members?

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Cobot allows you to send emails to either a single member, a group of members, or all members.

Sending Newsletters

For newsletters we advise to use a dedicated newsletter service like MailChimp—sending newsletters without using a dedicated service might get you (and us) into trouble with email spam filters. In addition, newsletter services allow you to track open rates, send HTML emails, and more.

To get started with Cobot's MailChimp Add-on, see this guide For more detailed advice about targeted campaigns using the MailChimp add-on, see this guide

Sending Email

You can also send email to a single member on Cobot. To do so, find that member and click on their email address displayed below their billing address.

To send an email to a group of members, go to the member list page, use the filter field at the top of the list to shrink the list to the people you want to send an email to, and then click the Send Email to List button.

For a more detailed description, see this guide

Slack And Cobot

We also offer a Slack integration to allow your members to be automatically added to a team Slack channel for your space. This would allow you to communicate with the members of your space instantly—so long as they have Slack, of course!

To get started with Cobot's Slack Add-on, follow this guide


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