RFID/Swipe Card Check-In

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In order to track attendance and automatically record the use of day passes, you can have your members check in to Cobot using RFID or swipe cards.

In addition to our wifi-based check-in, we now offer RFID card-based check-ins, which offers the same benefits but with cards instead of laptops.

All you need is a PC, a USB card reader, and two Cobot add-ons: Register cards and Swipe cards.

The card reader must be able to act as a keyboard. Most USB readers do that out of the box, for example this one or this one.

You need to connect the USB reader to a PC (anything that can run a browser will do, even your 5-year-old laptop) and position it near the entrance of your space.

The card reader must be able to act as a keyboard. What kind of RFID standards the USD reader supports is up to you and the tokens you would like to use.

Every member gets a card/fob that they have to swipe when they come into the space. Before a card can be used, you have to register it with Cobot here.

This process assigns a card to a member so that later, when the card is used, Cobot recognizes which member is checking in.

In order to check in a member, they have to swipe the card registered in the previous step.

On the PC with the card reader open the check-in add-on and follow the instructions.

Now when a member swipes their card, they are checked in and a day pass is deducted from their account (if applicable). Swiping again will check them out.

We do not currently have an integration available with a QR Code based check-in system.

Last but not least, let the magic begin with our Zapier integration.

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