How Do I Set Up Cobot's Integration With Tapkey?

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1) Connect The Integration To Your Cobot Site

  1. Set up your Tapkey account and connect you locking devices.
  2. In Cobot, go to Add-ons and select the Tapkey link.
  3. Enter your Tapkey account's credentials in the page that appears to establish the connection.

2) Create Lock Permissions To Grant Your Coworkers Access Using Plan Extras

  1. If you don't already have any Plan Extras in Cobot, create a few.
  2. Once they're created, find your Extras listed under Setup » Tapkey.
  3. Selecting an Extra will allow you to attach access rights for your different Tapkey locks, when included in your members' plans.

3) Grant Your Members Access To Your Tapkey Locks

Changing Or Revoking Members' Access

  • For individuals, change their plan to one that doesn't include any access-granting Extras.
  • For groups or locks in general, deselect your Extras' lock connections as established through Setup » Tapkey.
  • Important Note: Changing an Extras' permissions will immediately apply the new access rights to all members with that Extra in their Plan .