Setting up Your Cobot Dormakaba Integration

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This guide will walk you through the steps to connect your Cobot account to your Dormakaba account.

Before you get started, make sure you have the following set up in your Dormakaba account:

  • Doors
  • At least one Access Group (Zutrittsgruppen)
  • Time Profiles (Zeitprofil) if applicable

If you are unsure how to do any of the above, please reach out to Dormakaba Support from within your Dormakaba account.

Once you have done this, you can connect your two accounts:

1. Log into the Admin side of your Cobot account

2. Click on Add-ons » Available Add-ons » Dormakaba Exivo » Integration von Spaces einrichten » Setup

3. Copy and paste the following API information from your Dormakaba account under 'API Settings'

You will need to generate new API credentials in order to get a Secret ID Key (Geheimer API-Schlüssel). The 'API secret' field will disappear as soon as you close the dialog or reload the page in Dormakaba, so make sure to save it to a safe location

4. After clicking on 'Speichern' you will be redirected to your Cobot account. You will now be able to find the integration under Setup > Dormakaba Exivo and will need to complete the setup by:

  • Webhooks: These ensure that Cobot is informed about events and changes on the Dormakaba side. Full instructions are available under the 'Dormakaba Webhooks" tab in Cobot.
  • Tarife's: This will connect your Cobot plans to the corresponding Access Groups (Zutrittsgruppen) in Dormakaba. This defines wether or not members have access to specific doors in your space. This is not tied to time booked on the resource calendar, but active profiles or valid time passes.
  • Resourcen: You can assign your Cobot resources to access zones. This will allow your members to have access to Resources only when they have a valid booking in Cobot.

PLEASE NOTE: This integration is currently only available for spaces located in Switzerland & does not support mobile phone access. They will be prompted to use their SwissPass.

Your members will now see an additional page for "SwissPass & Zugang" within their member portal. They will need to enter their SwissPassID and PLZ once to register so Cobot knows who they are.

After this, they can hold their pass in front of the lock to open the doors associated with their membership.

TIME PASSES: If you have time passes populated on your Cobot membership plans, members will only be able to access your space when they have active passes. If they have no valid passes on file, access is blocked. The member must purchase new passes for renewed access.

When the member first enters your space, a pass will be deducted. After this, they can use the space as usual and no further time passes will be deducted, no matter how many doors they open.

Access will be automatically denied to any member who does not have an active membership in Cobot.

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