Setting Up Your Cobot Sensorberg Integration

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This guide will walk you through the setup to connect your Sensorberg account with your Cobot account, allowing your members to access your space according to their plans in Cobot. Please make sure your plans are listed correctly in Cobot under Setup » Plans, before setting up this integration.

  • Login to the admin side of your Cobot account. In another tab, login to your Sensorberg account.
  • From your Sensorberg dashboard, click on 'Cobot Integration' and then the + symbol at the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Name your installation and add your Cobot subdomain. This is the section of your cobot URL before Check the box 'Enable access management based on individual access rights' » Create Installation.

Pro tip: naming your installation in Sensorberg the same as your Cobot space will keep things clear.

  • Click on 'Installations' from the menu on the left and authenticate your Cobot space by clicking on the plug icon.
  • You will then be prompted by Cobot to approve the Sensorberg applications request to access your account.
  • The next step is to sync your existing plans in Cobot with Sensorberg. This is how you will manage your members access to your space. From your Sensorberg 'Installations' Dashboard, click the sync button. This will happen every 30 minutes automatically to pull any future plan changes over from Cobot.

PLEASE NOTE: This sync will only pull the plans as they appear under Setup » Plans within your Cobot account, and the memberships associated with those specific plans. Any members on a plan that is not in this section will need to be synced manually as explained below under 'Troubleshooting.'

Members who are not connected to their member portal in Cobot will not by synced to your Sensorberg account.

  • Now you want to connect your plans to Group assignments by going back to your main dashboard in Sensorberg » Click on 'Groups' » click on the + » Name the Group the same as your plan name in Cobot > add the external identifier with the same name but in lower case. If a space is needed, use an underscore instead. e.g., if your plan name is 'Full Time,' make the external identifier 'full_time' » create group.
  • Now that you have your groups set up, you can give members in that group access to specific doors in your space. Go back to your main dashboard in Sensorberg » Click on 'Units' » click on the door or root unit » click on + next to 'Unit Permissions' » Select the group you wish to give access » select their permissions » Create Unit Permission.

Pro-tip: You can choose to give groups access to individual doors if they are only allowed to enter a select few; or give them access to your whole space and restrict access to a few doors if that is how your space is designed. This will help save you time. Get in touch with Sensorberg support if you would like more in-depth info on your doors and access permissions.

  • Now we want to map your Cobot plans to Sensorberg. Go back to your main dashboard in Sensorberg » Cobot Integration » Plans » click on 'Full Time' » click on the + next to 'Group Assignment' » Select the corresponding plan name from the 'Name of plan at Cobot' dropdown » select the corresponding plan name from the 'Name of user group in SmartSpace' dropdown » Create Group Assignment.

  • Your members will sync to that plan within 30 minutes, or you can force the sync to happen immediately by going back to your main dashboard in Sensorberg » Cobot Integration » sync.

  • You will now be able to see which of your members are synced to your Sensorberg account by clicking on 'memberships'.
  • If you see any members with the error code ' not given or incorrect,' this is because this member is in your Cobot member list, but is on a plan that was not imported. This may be because it was on a plan you no longer offer and have removed it from your plan list.

To give access to these members, go to the admin side of Cobot » Manage » Members » click on member name » + Custom Fields. You will see a new custom field called 'smart_spaces_access_additional_units.' Add the Sensorberg group access external identifier that you set up earlier and hit save. Your member will now have the same access rights as other members of that group.

  • You can also set up a 'Fallback Plan'. By doing so, the plan you select will be used if the user has no, or an already deleted plan in Cobot. You can do this by going to Installations » Edit » Select plan from dropdown > Update Installation.
    • Your members will be automatically canceled in Sensorberg when you cancel their membership in Cobot. This way you never have to worry about someone gaining access to your space when they shouldn't.

      If you have any questions pertaining to your Sensorberg account, you can get in touch with their support directly at

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