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Setting Up Wifi Login With Cloudessa RADIUS

Using our integration with Cloudessa, your members can log in to your wifi/network using their Cobot credentials. This lets you control who gets internet access, automatically uses up time passes of part time/drop-in members, and provides you with valuable insights regarding the usage of your coworking space. Cloudessa provides a RADIUS server which your (wifi) router must be able to communicate with. In addition you want that router to be able to display a captive portal (this is the login page your members will see). Please check your router's manual, and if you are unsure consult a network specialist. After you have ordered our Cloudessa extra we'll give you access to your admin interface at https://manage.odyssys.net where you need to take the following steps to set up the integration:

You don't need to maintain your own list of users on Cloudessa. Instead Cloudessa directly talks to Cobot and uses its member data. To set this up you need to create an external user group.

Click on Subscriber Management -> External User Groups on the left and then on the Create Ext User Group button.

Choose Cobot API for the database server type.

Fill in anything you want for the name and copy/paste the Host name and API token over from Cobot. You will find this information under Setup > Wifi Integration > Manage your Cloudessa accout.

Click on Network > Radius Setup > Virtual RADIUS Servers on the left and then on the Create RADIUS Server button.

First, give the server a name. The authentication protocols you select depend on the capabilities of your router (again, check your manual). If you want that members don't have to enter a password every time they want to connect to your wifi once they are known to Cobot, click on the Advanced tab and choose Mac Authentication Bypass.

After you have creates the RADIUS server, click on it.

Write down the IP addresses, ports, and shared secrets of the primary and secondary server. You will need these to set up your router.

While still on the RADIUS server, click on the Ext User Groups tab. Click Add Group and select the group you previously created.

This highly depends on your router, so please check your manual. If you are unsure what to do, please consult a network specialist.

In general, you have to activate the router's captive portal feature and configure it to authenticate against the RADIUS server(s) provided by Cloudessa. It should use any of the Authentication Protocol that you have enable on your virtual RADIUS server above. If you chose mismatching authentication protocols, users will not be able to log in.

After that, your members should see a login page when they try to access the internet. After entering their Cobot email and password, they will get access.

To allow your users to use important websites without logging in (e.g. to sign up for cobot and enter payment information from within your space), you should whitelist the following domains in your router:

  • your cobot domain
  • cobot.me
  • s3.amazonaws.com
  • scss.cobot.me
  • d1irzpk85sdttw.cloudfront.net
  • ducs6lkglwy4t.cloudfront.net
  • d3ck5av7wm02dz.cloudfront.net
  • payments.cobot-platform.com
  • www.paypalobjects.com
  • api.stripe.com
  • js.stripe.com
  • q.stripe.com
  • paypal.com
  • live.adyen.com

That's normal. Cloudessa doesn't maintain its own user list. Instead it talks to Cobot every time someone tries to log in.

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