Issuing Refunds

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Currently, the refund has to go through your payment provider directly. Please have a look at the guide for your payment provider:

Please make sure to remove the payment from the invoice after you've refunded your member to keep your records up-to-date. You can do so by going to the invoice & clicking the "Remove" link under "Payments."

Alternatively, you can issue credit to your member instead of a refund, which will be applied to their next invoice. You can do this by going to the member's profile, clicking the drop-down menu by Charges/Credits, "Add Charge/Credit," then entering a negative amount in the field provided. See the one-time charge guide for more information.

We are working on an integrated refund solution with each payment provider from within Cobot to automate this process.

You will no doubt need to offer one-time charges.

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