Give Members Access To Multiple Spaces

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Once you have set up multiple spaces, you might want the members from one space to also have access to your other spaces. To do this, we can set up a network of your spaces for you.

Once a network has been set up, Cobot starts synchronizing members across the network's spaces: when someone signs up in one space, they are automatically added to the other spaces in the network as well. After that they can switch between the spaces to book rooms, buy time passes, etc.

We give you complete control over how members are synchronized to the other spaces.

To control what people can do and how much they have to pay for it in the other spaces, Cobot lets you control which plans the memberships in the other spaces are assigned. This includes how many time passes they have available where, how much room bookings cost and also if they have to pay any additional membership fees.

One example would be that if a member is on a lower plan in their "home" space, they would get less in the other spaces compared to someone on a higher plan.

For example, someone is signed up in one space on a plan called Basic Plan for $100/month. When synchronized to other spaces, they are assigned a plan called Basic Network for $0/month which lets them buy day passes in the other spaces for $20 each and book rooms at the normal rates.

Somebody else is signed up for the Premium Plan paying $500. They are synchronized to the other spaces on the Premium Network Plan, which gives them unlimited access (no day passes) and up to 10h of conference room bookings.

You can choose to only synchronize members on certain plans. This way you could give members on a lower plan/level access to only one space, but members on higher plans would get access to all your spaces.

Alternatively, you can require members to book a certain extra to their plan (e.g. "Network Access") in order for them to gain access to the other spaces.

You can choose to only synchronize members in certain spaces. Maybe you have a large downtown space, and members there should have access to the smaller satellite spaces, but not the other way around.

  1. Sign up a space on Cobot for each of your locations.
  2. Set up plans with the according prices/limits in each space for the network members. You can make the plans hidden since you don't want people to sign up for them directly.
  3. Let us know which plan signup should trigger a member to be added to the hidden plans in the other spaces. We will map the plans together so that when someone signs up for the membership at the first space, Cobot will automatically register them at the second and third locations on the hidden plan.

If people are using resources or purchasing passes in different spaces (outside of the free items), they will be billed by each space independently.

We offer a discount of 15% off total price for two spaces and 20% for three or more. Get in touch to find out more.

Now that you have so many spaces, you are probably going to want to have RFID access control.

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