Checking In Members

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Cobot offers four different ways to check members in to your space:

  1. Members check themselves in
  2. Admins check members in
  3. Wi-Fi integration
  4. "Members checked in" add-on

If your members have a plan with time passes and they log in to Cobot, there will be a button in their Member's Area for them to check themselves in. If you would like to have your full-time members also have that option (for analytics, for example) just email us and we can enable it for all members in your space.

From your admin view you can check in members directly from Manage » Members » Member Profile.

You can manage a member's check-ins under Member Profile » Time passes » Past Check-ins. This calendar view will allow you to add, adjust, or remove past and future check-ins. Pro-tip: If you click the + button, you can add a second check-in for a member on the same day to charge them for a guest.

If you are using one of our Wi-Fi integrations with Netbox, Cloudessa or your own Radius system, Cobot will automatically check in your member with a time pass when they log on to the internet. You can read the details here.

We created the members checked in add-on to make the check-in process simpler for space managers. It adds a tab to your admin view that displays all members of your space, with either a button to check them in or a notification that they already are.

Now that you have your space running for a while, you will need to change member's plans.

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