Printer Integration

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We have partnered with ezeep to allow you to monitor printing within your space. This will allow you to limit how much members can print by plan, give additional print rates based on plan and charge members for printing on their monthly invoices.

Watch our video above to learn how or read our step-by-step guide below.

Before You Begin

To ensure the printer integration works for you, you will need the following things:

  • A PC with Windows installed.
  • At least one printer connected to the PC.
  • An ezeep account. Please note: ezeep DASH does not work with this integration.

Sign Up With ezeep

The first part of setting up your printer integration will be on the website:

  1. Sign up for an ezeep account by going to
  2. You will then be prompted to download the ezeep software/plugin by downloading the ezeep connector for Windows. To do this, you will need a PC with windows already installed and your account be logged into your account on the PC.

3. Now you can add your printers by clicking on the Printer tab. It will automatically pick up all active printers within range. You can choose to delete some or add a location to make them easier to differentiate.

Install The Integration With Cobot

Now you are ready to install the integration on Cobot:

  1. From the admin side of Cobot, go to Setup » ezeep Printing and click on Add ezeep Account.
  2. Enter your ezeep username and password .

Note: You can uncheck the Automatically connect all members to ezeep. This will disable ezeep's automated email to all your members inviting them to signup with ezeep.

3. Go back to your ezeep account and click on Users and Groups. You should now see all of your current Cobot members/coworkers in a list. They should also be auto sorted into groups based on your plans.

Only members who are confirmed and connected to their member account on Cobot will appear in the list.

4. Now you will need to set up Policies for each of your groups (plans) so that you can control who can print and for how much. Go to Policies > Add New Policy and fill out the necessary information. You can create many different policies.

5. Typically ezeep runs on a pre pay model but once you connect your accounts, ezeep will receive notification that you are a Cobot associated account. This will make it so your members can pay for prints on their monthly invoices.

Note: Please ensure you have received notification from ezeep that this has been done prior to directing your members to start using their member portals to print. It can take up to 24 hours to complete.

Connect Your Member Accounts

You will now need to make sure your members signup for ezeep and connect them to your space's ezeep account.

  1. If your member shows a green check mark under the licensed column in the Users & Groups tab, they have been sent this Welcome Email from Thinprint (ezeep).

Once they click on Set Password they will then have their own limited ezeep account that is connected to yours. Their dashboard will look like this:

2. Once your members/coworkers have created their ezeep account, they will need to either download the app for their computer or their mobile device. They will not be required to have Windows.

3. Once connected, you and your members can either print directly from your ezeep account webpage by going to Print Now, or just go to file » print on your computer. If you want to print in this way, just make sure the printer you have chosen has the (e) in front of it. This will then match with the printer listed on your ezeep account.

Note: All of the member instructions listed above will also be available to them within their member portal after you have enabled ezeep on your Cobot account. It will be visible under the 'Printing' tab.

Further Guides From Ezeep

If you need further guidance from ezeep, check out their Quick Setup Guide and their How To Print with ezeep Guide.