Administrator Permissions

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You can manage your administrator's permissions, or access to Cobot, under Setup » Administrators » Edit.

This is helpful if you have people who need access only to certain sections of Cobot, such as front desk staff, interns or community managers. By limiting permissions, your staff can work more efficiently within Cobot.

You can revoke 'viewing' permissions, which will hide the respective sections from that admin, as well as 'editing' permissions, which will allow them to see that section but prevent them from making changes.

  • All Administrators, by default, will have full 'view' and 'edit' permissions when they are added.
  • When you allow an admin to 'edit' the 'Administrators' permissions, they will be able to turn back on 'view' and 'edit' permissions for themselves for all other categories.
  • Admin permissions also extend to the API. Certain add-ons may not work with some permissions revoked.

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