Connecting Cobot With A CRM Through Zapier (Best Practices)

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With our Zapier Integration, members who are added to Cobot can also be added directly into the CRM of your choice, since all the major systems are also integrated through Zapier. Add your information in one place, and both systems are ready to manage your members/leads!

Over the years we have looked at building a CRM into Cobot, but we always come back to the third point of our Cobot Manifesto:

We prefer to do a few things excellently over doing lots of things decently.

We let the CRM experts do what they do best, so you can have the optimal marketing system. Then we can concentrate on what we do best: giving you the optimal space management experience!

The Cobot Zapier integration is not yet a two-way street. At present, Cobot can send but not receive information. So we want to provide a best-practice guide to using Cobot with a CRM through Zapier.

  1. Set up the Cobot-to-CRM Integration with Zapier. A few pre-built samples are below. Contact us and we can add your desired CRM to the list (as long as they also work with Zapier).
  2. Register the lead in Cobot - Put all their member data (email/address/phone/etc.) into Cobot and add them to a "Lead" plan (as long as their is no recurring fee, they don't count towards your Cobot member total).
  3. Confirm the member so that the information is transfered to the CRM through Zapier.
  4. Track and market using the notes and tools in your CRM.
  5. When your member is added is ready to join your space, simply change their plan Manage » Member Page » Plan » Change Plan (all their information is already there!)
  6. Update your welcome message (Setup » Plan » Edit Plan » Welcome Message) ask them to review and update their member information in their Cobot account (so you don't have to do it manually from the CRM).
  7. Add one more Zapier integration so that when a member cancels in Cobot to update insightfully once more.

  • Initial information enters through Cobot.
  • It goes automatically to the CRM.
  • When they are leads - your CRM holds the information.
  • When they are members - Cobot holds the information.
  • When they leave, their information goes back to your CRM.

If you don't see your favorite CRM, reach out to Zapier support and make a request!

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