How do I make a company pay for multiple coworkers?

If your coworking space has a number of coworkers who are being paid for by their company you can use our Pay for other members feature.

With this you can assign a member John to pay for another member Max. From then on John will pay for everything we would normally charge Max, which means all one time charges, bookings and other fees will appear on John’s invoice instead of on Max’.

Any booking credits and time passes will be shared among team members. For example if John had 2h of credits and Max 4h, they both can now make bookings for a combined 6h, no matter who books.

In the case of a company paying for its employees you would add the company as a member, all the employees as separate members and then assign the company account to pay for all the employees. Alternatively you can have one of the employees pay for all the others.

To enable this, as admin, go to a member, open the Invoicing dropdown menu and select Pay for other members. In the following form select a name, click the button and you are done.

Setting this up will not affect any previously generated invoices/charges. If you want a new member to be paid for by another one you should set up "pay for others members" before you confirm the new member. If you have already confirmed the member you have to manually delete the invoice from the member being paid for and add the charges to the paying members. You can do this either by creating a free form invoice or a one time charge for the paying member. The free form invoice will be sent/processed immediately, whereas a one time charge will be added to the next regular invoice.


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