Can I integrate the booking calendar into Google Calendar or other calendar apps?

Syncing from Cobot to another app

Yes, we offer so called iCal feeds which you can subscribe to with other calendar apps such as Google Calendar or the calendar app on your phone or computer.

First you need the URL of the booking calendar feed. You can find it by clicking on the calendar icon in the headline of the booking calendar. In the popup that opens copy the URL to the clipboard. Then go to Google Calendar or your app to subscribe to the feed from there. Here's a how-to for Google Calendar.

Google can sometimes be a bit slow with pulling the data from us. If you need more control over how often the bookings are synchronized you can use and connect it to Google Calendar using RSS as input (replace the .ics at the end of our calendar URL with .rss).

Syncing from another calendar to Cobot

If you have an external booking calendar, for example from Liquidspace, we can import that, too. To set it up use our Calendar Sync app. Its help section describes on how to set up syncronization.


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