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Can I Give Members Vouchers?

Yes, you can! There is an add-on for creating vouchers, called 'Time Pass Vouchers'. It will allow you to generate multiple voucher codes that can be redeemed by members on time pass plans for free time passes.

To install, follow these easy steps:

  • Go to Add-ons » Available Add-ons » Install Time Pass Vouchers. The add-on will then appear under the 'Manage' section.

  • Click on 'Generate vouchers' and choose which plan they should apply to, what kind of time passes will be valid, how many time passes you would like generated for each voucher, and finally, how many voucher codes you would like.

  • After clicking 'Generate Vouchers', you will see a list of codes that can be given to your members to redeem for time passes within their member portal. Click on 'Print' and you can print out physical vouchers to give to members.

Your member will now see a 'Redeem Voucher' tab when they log in to their Cobot member portal. This will only appear if your member is on a plan that supports time passes.

They will be able to enter in the voucher code you have given them and a free time pass will be applied to their account.

They can now check in with their free time pass!


What is Cobot?

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