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Accounting Codes

To simplify invoicing (and especially reporting), we offer a way to track the payments you receive from your coworkers: Cobot’s Accounting Codes feature.

You can activate accounting codes with just a click by going to Setup and then Invoice Settings.

Put a checkmark at the checkbox labelled “Enable accounting codes” at the bottom of the page.

Following that, an accounting code field will appear on all forms related to charges that will eventually show up on your invoices, like plans, extras, bookings, time passes, and one-time charges.

Next, define individual accounting codes for your different services. You can start by going to Setup » Plans. Either choose one of your existing plans by clicking edit plan or add a new plan. You fill find the option for accounting codes under basic settings.

In the following example, you can see we defined PL1 as the accounting code for a plan called “Basic plan” with a price of 100€.

When Cobot generates an invoice for coworkers on the test plan, PL1 will automatically show up on the invoice.

As a space manager, you can now track where your revenue is coming from, using your accounting software or a spreadsheet app like Excel. To create an Excel sheet, go to *Manage* » *Invoices* and find the button for the .csv report. Choose whether you want invoices or line items, and click the button of your choice. PL1 will be shown in your report now.

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