You have two ways to add coworkers: ask them to sign up or add them yourself.

Ask them to sign up

To invite your coworkers to use cobot, ask them to go to your cobot space site at http://<subdomain>, where <subdomain> is the subdomain you chose when creating your space at cobot.

space home page

Once there, they will be able to sign up and choose a plan and payment method.

sign up for space form

After that, you'll receive an email with the details they have entered. To confirm a new coworker, go to the Coworkers page and click the Confirm button.

confirm membership

Adding coworkers yourself

If you want to take cobot for a test drive without bothering your coworkers, you can just add them to cobot yourself. We won't send them any emails and you can still use all the management features. Once you decide to let them in, you can send them an invitation by entering their email address.

To add a coworker, go to the Coworkers page and click the Add Coworker button.

add a coworker

Enter their details in the form and you're done.

add a coworker form

Afterwards, the coworker will appear in the list on the Coworkers page and you can manage their account just like you would with a coworker who signed up by herself.

Connecting a membership to a user

The membership you created above is not connected to a user account. If you decide that it's time to let your coworker in, just go to their details page by clicking on their name on the coworkers page.

Next open the Membership context menu and click the Connect link:

connect link

In the following form, enter their email address and a message.

connect form

All done. We will send them an email with an invitation link, and once they have signed up we will notify you. From then on your coworkers have access to your space on cobot, can change their plan, use the help desk, etc.