Adding Members

Adding a member

Adding coworkers to Cobot is easy! Simply go to the Members page under the Manage tab and click the button Add Member.

Add Member

All you have to do is complete the form with the details of your new member and you're done. Easy enough, right?

Add Member form

Please note the additional new options:

  • select the start date for the membership
  • select the date of the first invoice
  • select the option to send out a prorated invoice. If this box is checked, an invoice is sent out immediately for the period leading up to the first invoice.

New options

To ensure that the membership start date falls on a certain day of the month, you can set the 'default invoice day' under Setup -> Invoice Settings.

Default invoice day

The new member will now appear in the list on the Members page, from which you can manage their account.

Member in list

Test drive

If you want to take Cobot for a test drive without bothering your coworkers first, you can just add them to Cobot without connecting the membership to a user account yet. We won't send them any emails and you can still use all the management features. Once you decide to grant them access, you can connect the membership to a user account as described below.

Connecting a membership to a user

The newly created membership is not yet connected to a user account. If you decide that it's time to grant your coworker access to Cobot, just go to their personal details page by clicking on their name on the Members page. Then open the Membership context menu and click on Connect.

Connect member

In the form that now appears, select the tab Add User and enter the email address and a password.

Add user

All done! Your member is now signed up and will receive a confirmation email. From now on, they will have access to your space on Cobot, can change their membership plan, use the help desk, etc.

Adding non-members

If you want people to be able to book a room without being members, create a Free Plan so they can sign up.

Free plan