To book a resource go to Manage, Booking Calendar.

The Booking Calendar

Here you see the bookings of the current month.

Bookings can be made in 3 ways:

  • space admins can book resources without selecting a coworker
  • space admins can book a resource for a coworker, who will be charged for it on the next invoice
  • coworkers can book resources themselves, as they have access to the same booking calendar as admins

To make a booking, double-click on the day you want the booking to start.

Making a Booking

In the following form you can select the start and end time, as well as give it a title. Optionally - if you are an admin - you can select the coworker the booking is for. If you do, that coworker will be charged for the booking on his/her next invoice.

Canceling a Booking

As a space admin you can cancel any booking any time. Coworkers can only cancel their own bookings before they have started.

To cancel a booking, select it in the booking calendar and then click the highlighted Cancel Booking button.

Cancel a Booking

Keeping track of bookings

List of Bookings

As a space admin, you can see the list of a coworker's recent bookings on their coworker page. There's a panel called Bookings near the bottom of the page with a link to the list. Coworkers have access to the same information when they log in.