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Cobot's Slack Integration

Cobot's Slack chat add-on connects your space’s Cobot account with your account. This means that new members who are added through Cobot will automatically be invited to join your Slack team, so you don't have to add them manually.

Now that they have been added to your Slack channel, you have a communication point for everyone in your space to:

  • Talk about what is happening in the space
  • Post events
  • Welcome new members
  • Announce packages delivered to the space
  1. Go to the Slack chat add-on.
  2. Select your space (if you have multiple spaces registered in Cobot).
  3. Input your Slack team token from the following link:
  4. Put in the Slack team URL from your space.
  5. Select the Invite Existing Members checkbox if you want to also bring in existing members.
  6. Add your team.

Now all new (and existing) members will automatically be invited to join your Slack team!

We highly recommend using our MailChimp integration for email communication with your members.