Help Desk

Help Desk

The help desk is your communication center to your coworkers. It allows you to do two things: respond to support issues and publish How-Tos.


If your coworkers have any problems (e.g. the printer ran out of paper, trouble with a payment, etc.), they can report them here so you are immediately notified and can respond as soon as possible.

Coworkers can report an issue by clicking on the Open Issues link in the navigation under Help Desk.

Report issue

After they have submitted the issue, you will be notified by email.


You can see all open issues under Manage, Open Issues.

Open Issue

When you comment on an issue, everyone who has commented on it before will be notified again via email.



The How-Tos allow you to publish information that you would otherwise have to explain to every new coworker over and over again, e.g. how to configure/use the printer.

You can access the How-Tos under Manage, How-Tos.

How To

To add a How-To click on the Add How-To button in the upper right corner. Enter the information into the following form. Note: you can use Markdown for basic formatting:

Add How-To

A few basic formatting rules:

# heading level 1
## heading level 2


* list item 1
* list item 2

![image alt text](

The result of your Markdown formatting might look something like this:


Your coworkers can read the How-Tos by clicking on them under the Help Desk link in the navigation.