The cobot invoicing feature automates the task of invoicing your coworkers for their billing periods and other types of charges. When enabled, we send out an email with a detailed invoice to all your coworkers at the end of their billing periods.

Coworkers can also buy Time Passes and pay for them with the next invoice. For details, see the Time Passes page.

Edit Invoice Settings

To change your invoice settings go to Setup, Invoice Settings. In the following form, enter the address of your space (which will appear on the invoices).

Invoices are shown to the coworkers by default, which means they see their invoices on cobot and are sent invoices by email. To hide invoices from members check the Don't show/send invoices to members checkbox.

Invoicing Settings

You can access all invoices by going to Manage, Invoices.


You can create invoices for your coworkers at any time by clicking the New Invoice button in the top right corner of the Invoices page.

To see a list of invoices for a single member, go to the member's page and click the Past Invoices button.