If you want to charge your coworkers for services they use only once in a while, e.g. equipment rental or a cup of coffee, this section is for you.

To issue a one-time charge, go to the coworker's page, open the context menu in the Charges panel and click on Add Charge.

One-time charge

Now all you have to do is enter an amount with a description and click Charge Once. The charge will appear on the coworker's next invoice.

Note: You can also enter a negative amount, in which case this sum will be deducted from the next invoice. This can be useful if you want to give your coworkers a discount for working at your space.

If you have set up automated payments via paypal or credit cards, the one-time charges will be added to the payments.

Recent charges

For your reference, charges made to coworkers are listed on the Recent Charges page until they have been invoiced (reachable from the coworker page again).