One-time Charges

One-time charges

If you want to charge your coworkers for services they use only once in a while, e.g. equipment rental or a cup of coffee, you can do so in this section.

To issue a one-time charge, go to the coworker's page, open the context menu in the Charges/Credits panel and click on Add Charge/Credit.


You will now be redirected to the following form:


All you have to do here is enter a description of the service, the amount, the quantity and the date the service was provided. After you are done, click Charge/credit. The charge will then appear on the coworker's next invoice.

Note: You can also enter a negative amount, in which case this sum will be deducted from the next invoice. This can be useful if you wish to give your coworkers a discount for working at your space.

If you have set up automated payments via Paypal or Credit cards, the one-time charges will be added to the payments.

Frequently charged services

If there is a service that you commonly charge your coworkers for, you can preset this service in the form, saving yourself a lot of typing. Click on Add Service at the top of the form:

Add service

This will lead you to the folling form:


You can enter a description of the service plus the price for 1 unit (hour, item, day). Then you click on Add Service, after which the service appears as a standard option service in the drop-down menu for one-time charges. Don't forget to add how many units were used.

One-time service

Recently charged services

For an overview of charges recently made to a coworker (before they are invoiced), go to Recent Charges in the Charges/Credits panel on the Members overview page for the coworker in question.