2. Paypal


You can accept semi-automated payments for your coworking space with a Paypal account. Coworkers can pay their invoices and buy additional time passes (if applicable, see Time Passes) using Paypal.

Please note: We recommend using Stripe or any other payment provider over Paypal, because these are fully automated, whereas Paypal is not - members have to confirm payments each time.

In order to set up Paypal in Cobot, go to Setup, Automated Payments and click the Add Payment Method button.


On the following page, scroll down to select Paypal from the list of providers:


In the next screen, you will be asked to enter your Paypal API credentials. Click on the link (highlighted in red in the screenshot below) to obtain these from your Paypal account. Please make sure to find the credentials for the Classic API.


Coworkers who choose this payment method will receive an email with a payment link as soon as their next payment is due. They will then be directed to the Paypal website to make the payment. Once the payment has been completed, the corresponding invoice will show up as Paid via Paypal.

If you choose to offer time passes, your coworkers will also be able to buy them via Paypal.

Next Step

If you want to use pro-rated invoices, Cobot will calculate them for you.