In order for coworkers to sign up, you need to set up at least one payment plan. A plan describes how much your coworkers have to pay and how often they can use your space.

Currently, all plans supported by cobot work with a rolling start/end time, depending on the increment of time you choose as a billing period (monthly, quarterly, etc.). For example, if your billing period is set to be monthly, and a coworker signs up for your space on March 18th, she will pay the fee for the month and can work at your space until April 17th. The membership will be renewed automatically every month until she cancels it.

When coworkers sign up, they are presented with a list of available plans and have to choose one.

add plans link on admin dashboard

To add a plan click on Setup in the navigation and then on Plans in the side bar.

Adding Plans

After clicking the Add Plan link you will be asked to enter a name and a price for a period of time (month, quarter, etc.) for your new plan.

Optionally, you can also enter the terms of your space, which new coworkers will have to accept when they sign up for your space.

If you enter a cancellation period, coworkers will only be able to cancel their membership in the time frame you specify. For example, when someone signs up on May 16th and chooses a plan with a 14 day cancellation period, they have to cancel by June 2nd in order to leave your space on June 16th. After that, the next possible cancellation date would be July 2nd.

There are 5 tabs at the top of the form: Basic Settings, Time Passes, Monthly Extras, Welcome Message and Booking Credits. Click on each to find more settings for a plan.

Time Passes

This section allows you to create plans for members who don't want to work full time. These are explained in Time Passes.

Monthly Extras

Extras are things or services your coworkers can book in addition to their plan, e.g. a key to the space or a locker. When you add an extra here, a check-box will appear on the coworker's sign-up form allowing them to choose any number of extras. Extras are billed along with the fee for the plan.

Welcome Message

Allows you to enter a message that new members see after they sign up. This is a good place to add pointers to your events calendar or how people can get help.

Booking Credits

If you are using the booking calendar and charge members for bookings, this section allows you to include a certain number of hours of usage in a plan. For example, a full-time member might get 10h of meeting room usage for free. After the 10 hours are used up regular charges will apply.

Note: You can always change a plan later by clicking the link on the admin dashboard. This will only affect the coworkers who sign up after the change. For everyone already on that plan, nothing changes.

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