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Prepaid Booking Passes

When a member books a room in the booking calendar, they are normally charged for it with their next invoice. With booking passes you can make people prepay for bookings, which is ideal for non-members who just want to use a meeting room or drop-ins whom you might never see again. In order to offer you the greatest flexibility, you can include booking credits in a plan for members for whom X number of bookings are included in their monthly fee, no booking credits to have the charges for bookings be added to a member's upcoming invoice, or passes for those people who need to prepay.

The way booking passes work is that before the member can make a booking, they have to buy (and immediately pay for) a booking pass. Each pass holds a number of hours set by you and can be valid for single or multiple rooms. If you offer an hour-long pass, for example, your members can make bookings in smaller time increments until they have used up the pass entirely. That means a booking pass of one hour can be used not only to make an hour-long booking, but also two 30-minute bookings, four 15-minute bookings, or six 10-minute bookings. The smallest increment of time supported by our booking calendar is 5 minutes.

You can combine booking credits and booking passes by including both in a plan. When a member makes a booking, their booking credits will be used first. When they have run out of credits, they will be able to buy booking passes from the front page of your Cobot site, ie.

To set up booking passes, go to Setup » Plans and either add a new plan or edit an existing one. Now go to the Bookings tab.

Click Add Booking Passes and then enter the price for one pass, the amount of time for which the pass is valid (you can use decimal points here to indicate spans less than one hour), and the resources it is valid for.

After saving the plan, you can either sign up new members to it manually or have them sign up for it themselves. Please note again that when updating plans, the changes will not affect members already signed up to this plan, but only those signing up to it after you've made the changes.

If a member on a plan with booking passes tries to make a booking before buying any booking passes, they get an error. This means that before making the booking they have to buy at least one pass.

There are two ways for members to get booking passes: Buy them through Cobot or have an admin assign them.

For this to work, your space must have set up either Paypal or credit card payments, otherwise there is no way for them to immediately pay for the passes.

Members whose plan includes booking passes will have a Buy Booking Passes button on their home page.

After clicking the button, they can select the number and type of passes they want to buy.

If you have set up PayPal, they will be redirected there to make the payment. If you are using credit cards, we will charge the card in the background and the member will immediately see that they have bought the passes.

When making a booking, members will see how many hours they have left. If you make a booking for a member, you will see the same information.

At the end of the month, members who have bought booking passes will get an invoice that lists the booking passes as already paid so they have a receipt of their purchase. If you want them to get the invoice immediately, you can generate a charge-based invoice.

If for some reason – be it to give someone free booking hours or if they have already paid you in cash – you want to give a member booking passes yourself, you can do so by clicking on their name in the member list.

After that, open the drop-down menu in the Bookings box and select Assign Booking Passes. (Their plan needs to have prepaid passes setup for this option to be availble)

The member will not be charged for assigned booking passes, nor will they appear on a future invoice.

Now let's see how to make bookings in the booking calendar.