Member Questions

Questions for new members

When coworkers sign up for your space, they are asked to enter their name and address. If you would like to know more about them (e.g. profession, special needs, etc.), you can add aditional questions for new members here under Setup, Member Questions.


As you can see, there are four types of questions to invite various types of reponses:

  • Questions with a text field (open question)
  • Questions with a file upload (documents, ID copies, etc.)
  • Questions with checkboxes (multiple choice question)
  • Questions with a drop-down menu (single choice question)

Decide per questions which format best suits your purpose. You can use the Add Question link at the bottom to add more questions.

Subsequently, when a coworker signs up, s/he is presented with your questions.


You can see their answers after clicking See Answers in the Questions section of the Coworker's Members page: