Managing Resources

Setting up Resources

You can use Cobot to manage your coworking space's resources, such as meeting rooms, equipment or even desks. After you've entered the available resources under Setup, you and your coworkers will have access to them in the Booking Calendar, through which resources can be booked by the hour. In addition, Cobot then automatically charges coworkers for the resources they use on a monthly basis.

To add resources, go to Setup and then click on Booking Calendar.


Here, you can set up a resource by clicking on Add Resource, which brings you to the following form:


In this form, pay attention to the following:

  • If you set an hourly rate for the resource, members will automatically be invoiced for their use at the end of each month. Please note: lower rates and included hours can be set per Membership Plan as Booking Credits.
  • No. of units refers to how many you have of each resource. For instance, of a specific meeting room there will only be 1 available at a time, but you might have 15 desks or lockers available, which can then be booked by 15 different people at the same time.
  • By default, members can see who booked what resource and all details related. In order to enable the privacy setting, go to Settings and check the box as displayed below.


After you have added a resource, it can immediately be booked through the Booking Calendar, under the Manage tab. For more on the Booking Calendar, see Booking Resources.

Importing or exporting the booking calendar

To import other calendars, you can make use of our Sync App. You can also export the calendar using the feeds we provide. Read more...