After setting up your coworking space at cobot, we offer you a number of services:

Managing coworkers

Sign up new coworkers and manage their details. Members have their own section they can log into.

Invoicing, Payment Processing

Cobot invoices members automatically every month and charges using Paypal, credit cards and more.

Time Passes

Cobot completely automates the process of buying time passes and using them, for member who don't want to work full time.

Resource Booking

You can set up resources such as meeting rooms, which members can book in an online calendar. Cobot also supports charging for resource usage.


Monitor key metrics of your space, such as revenue. If you let people log into your Wifi using cobot (see RADIUS), you can also track things like attendance.

Distribution of information

You can set up How-Tos for your coworkers that explain common things like using the printers or the coffee machine. This way you don't have to explain these things over and over again.

Day-to-day problem solving

Your coworkers can report any problems they might encounter through a easy-to-use tracking system. This can be the printer running out of paper, burned-out lightbulbs or anything else.

The first step to setting up your coworking space is to register it.