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Syncing Calendar Feeds

We've built an add-on that takes care of synchronizing your Cobot booking calendar with Google Calendar. It's called Google Calendar Sync. This also allows you to create recurring events in your Google Calendar that automatically populate in your Cobot booking calendar.

Some important things to note:

  1. Each resource needs a separate sync (one resource = one calendar on Google). It is a good idea to name your Google Calendar the same or similar to your Resource in Cobot to avoid confusion. For example: if the resource is called 'Boardroom #1' in Cobot, don't name it 'Meeting Room' in the Google Calendar.

  2. Any bookings already existing within Cobot will not sync to your Google Calendar, only what's added from the time you set up the sync will populate; these will sync almost instantly.

  3. All existing bookings in your Google Calendar will be pulled over to Cobot, so please be sure to set up a new Google Calendar before connecting (Otherwise all your personal bookings will appear in your Cobot Calendar!)

  4. Bookings made from Google to Cobot can take up to 5 minutes to populate, and the same is true when deleting bookings.

  5. Recurring bookings in Google: If you have already setup a Cobot calendar to sync with a Google calendar and create a recurring event in your Google calendar, these will populate the respective Cobot Resource calendar. Editing individual events in the series as well as the entire series itself from within Google, also updates your Cobot room resource calendars. If you wish to have recurring bookings within Cobot and do not have a Google Account, please let us know, and we will populate them on your Cobot Calendar.

Important Note: Any changes or bookings made on your Google Calendar will result in an action, or post, on your Cobot Dashboard Activity Feed. These will always appear in your activity feed under the administrator name who set up the Google Calendar sync.

We offer iCal feeds to which you can subscribe with calendar apps such as the one on your phone or computer.

First, you'll need the URL of the booking calendar feed. You can find it by going to Bookings » Booking Calendar, then clicking the iCal button. In the popup that opens, copy the URL to the clipboard. Then go to your app to subscribe to the feed from there.

You can also sync the events calendar, either as a feed of all events, or only the events that you are registered for as a member. Simply click the calendar page icon to the right of the page title.

To synchronize your LiquidSpace calendar with Cobot, you have to set up your LiquidSpace calendar to synchronize with Google Calendar. After that, you can use our Google Calendar Sync add-on.

For the time being, Cobot is not setup to allow admins or members to create recurring bookings. However, you have two options to get recurring bookings in your Cobot calendar:

  1. Ask our support staff: If you wish to create some recurring bookings, let us know and we will populate them in Cobot for you. To do this, we'll need from you:
  • Resource:
  • Date of first booking:
  • Date of last booking:
  • Frequency (Monday only, everyday, weekdays only, etc.):
  • Start time:
  • Duration:
  • Title (optional):
  • Comment (optional):
  • Member name (optional):
  1. Google Calendar Sync: If you have a Google Calendar setup for each of your Resource Calendars, you can create recurring events in Google and have them populate to your Cobot calendar. Deleting the events in Google Calendar also deletes them in your Cobot Calendar. You have a few options once there:

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