1. Wifi Integration


With our wifi integration your members will be asked to log in with their Cobot email/password in order to go online. This way only authorized members of your space can get access.

For members with limited plans/day passes, Cobot will automatically use a day pass every time a members goes online, making them buy new time passes when they are used up.

In addition Cobot automatically track the usage/capacity of your space. You will be able to see how many people are at your space and when they come in. This allows you to optimize your plans and the number of members.

How it works

After you set up the integration between your router and Cobot, when a member goes online she sees this screen:

Screenshot from Netbox captive portal.

After entering her Cobot email/password she can either go online or sees an error message, for example if she does not have enough day passes left (in which case she can still buy new ones on Cobot).

Members who go though the captive portal are automatically checked in on Cobot, which means you can see how many people come into your space in the analytics section.

When your member comes in the next day he does not have to log in manually again. Cobot stores his computer's MAC address (a unique number that comes with each device) and recognizes the account, checking him in automatically. Of course your members can use more than one device (i.e phones, tablets).


In order to use this feature you need one of two things:

  1. Our Netbox, which is a zero configuration device your just plug into your existing network (setup instructions).

  2. Take advantage of our partnership with cloudessa.com which allows you to use almost any router that supports a protocol called RADIUS. For more information log in to Cobot and go to Setup -> Wifi Integration.

Next Step

Here's a detailed guide comparing the two.