Partners / Integrations

Cobot is formed by the core web application, the integrations and the Add-ons. We partner with services that are of use for coworking space managers (such as payment providers, security systems… to provide additional features; and use the API to build Add-ons that extend functionalities without making the core of Cobot complex. We want to provide a simple tool for small spaces that don't need much, as well as providing a complete solution for bigger spaces that have higher requirements.

In other words: Cobot can be expanded and enriched in many different ways to meet the specific needs of your coworking space.

Security Integrations

We have teamed up with companies and services to provide you with security tools to manage the access to your coworking space or your Internet network. These security Add-ons let you control who accesses your space as well as report how your space is used. Automatic attendance-tracking makes use of devices such as laptops, smartphones, or RFID chips to register when a person enters your building. Cobot automatically and invisibly records the times and dates that a coworker is present in your space.

Automatic attendance-tracking offers a classic case of a win-win situation. On the one hand, it is a friendlier welcome to your coworkers than physical access barriers and allows them to start working as soon as they arrive. This saves them time and hassle. On the other hand, it is also bound to offer more accurate attendance statistics for your front office, as most of your members are sure to carry a laptop or a smartphone to work.

Moreover, it allows for spontaneity, as you can skip pre-bookings and advance payments and simply charge coworkers for their actual use of the space in arrears. And instead of having someone tied to the reception desk, you can now have all your space’s team members interact with the community in much more flexible and laid-back manner.

Linewize Netbox

Together with Linewize we’ve created the Netbox, a zero-configuration network device that you plug into your existing network. It offers attendance tracking and access control combined with a superior user experience. In addition you get internet traffic monitoring and more features are in the works.


We offer RADIUS servers as a service, allowing you to integrate your wifi with Cobot using almost any router available. Check out ‘Setup’ -> ‘Wi-Fi integration’ for more information on pricing and how to sign up. As always, there are no strings attached: you can cancel the service any time you want.


Cobot has an integration built to interface directly with the KISI keyless entry platform KISI is an easy to install smartphone access system which can be integrated into your current access control. Once it is in place, the integration with Cobot will allow new and existing members to be added directly to access groups. As soon as they are removed from a Cobot plan - they are also removed from accessing your space. Seamless access - it is that easy! If you want to learn more about installing KISI in your space please contact to get a quote for your space. Billing for KISI will be added onto your Cobot plan.

AHB electronics / McSimmonsVoss

AHB electronics have built a middleware for Betahaus Berlin that integrates their McSimmonsVoss locks with Cobot. Contact christoph at for details.

Deister Elektronik

Deister Elektronik have built an integration for Hafven (Hannover, Germany) and their locks. Contact mira.stobbe at


We have built a system that allows spaces to check in members using RFID or swipe cards. For details check the RFID Add-on.

Payment Integrations

We integrate with a number of payment service providers to offer a variety of payment processing methods worldwide:

various payment methods, worldwide

(credit cards, eChecks, U.S.) - please follow our individual Cobot Link for sign up:

(direct debit, Europe)

(credit cards/direct debit, Germany/Austria/Switzerland)

(various payment methods, worldwide)

(credit cards, U.S./Canada, expanding worldwide)

Veritrans Japan

(various payment methods, Japan)


(credit card, Europe)

Social Integrations


Our Mailchimp Add-on automatically adds your members on Cobot to your email lists on Mailchimp.


You can use our Slack Add-on to automatically invites your members to join your Slack channel.


We have a Facebook Add-on that can be embedded on your space's Facebook page in order to display pricing and a sign-up form.

Member Profile Widget

At the moment, we provide an embed widget that lists your space's members and their profiles. To use this add the Coworkers Add-on to your space.


Cobot is an official Zapier App. This allows you to create your own integrations between any listed applications with a simple setup process.

  • Send new Cobot member sign-ups to your CRM.
  • Send out Slack notifications when new members join your space.
  • Assign Trello tasks when members cancel.

  • You are limited only by your imagination and the time to set them up. But we also premade some of the most requested integrations for you which you can explore here.

    What Applications can I integrate with?

    More applications are constantly being added, but some key connections with Cobot are:
  • CRM systems (Salesforce, Capsule, Hubspot, Highrise)
  • Digital Document Signing (Docusign, Knack, HelloSign)
  • Booking Reminders (Google Calendar, Direct Email)
  • Event Management (Eventbrite, Meetup,
  • Email Marketing (Mailchimp, Gmail, Direct Email)
  • Instant Messaging (Slack, Hipchat, SMS)
  • Project Management (Trello, Podio, Smartsheet)
  • Surveys (Survey Monkey, Survey Gizmo)
  • Build your own Cobot Add-ons

    The basis for Cobot is formed by the web application, used by spaces and their members directly via their web browser. In addition to this, Cobot also offers many extra options with its open API, which allows Cobot to integrate with and be integrated into other websites and applications. In other words: Cobot can be expanded and enriched in many different ways to meet the specific needs of your coworking space.

    Our open API is most commonly applied for:

    • using Cobot services from the position of other websites – e.g. your own website or (mobile) apps – such as displaying information (e.g. member list) or to interacting with Cobot (e.g sign up new members, book a conference room, etc.);
    • customizing / adding features to the Cobot homepage of your space;
    • using other services, such as printing or accounting, from inside the Cobot application.

    You have the option of adding your own Cobot Add-ons, e.g. web pages that add additional features to Cobot such as event management or reporting. They are similar to Facebook apps in that they can be added to your Cobot account and then run inside the Cobot website.

    Add-ons and apps can be written by any software developer in any programming language (e.g. PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Java, Swift etc.) using our open API. They are then hosted on their own server.


    Bots offer a simpler way to write Add-ons using only JavaScript in your browser. They, too, add new features to your space's account on Cobot. There are a few things bots are not able to do (namely offline procssing), but they can be developed much faster. You can get a simple bot up and running in just five minutes.