30-day Unrestricted Free Trial

Low volume, mostly feature announcements. If you are
a coworking space manager, you'll really want this.











Up to 15 Members

Up to 35 Members

Up to 80 Members

Up to 150 Members

Unlimited Members

  • Free drop-ins/day pass users - we don't charge you for coworkers who don't pay a monthly fee but only buy time passes
  • SSL Secure site - All site access is encrypted so your data is safe.
  • Free Email/Skype support - We help you set up your coworking space and will answer all your questions.

What is Cobot?

Cobot is a web based software for coworking spaces. It takes care of billing, booking resources, selling day passes, signing up members and much more.

Do I sign a long term contract?

No. There are no long term contracts or commitments on your part. You can cancel any time to the end of the month and we won't charge you again.

How does the free trial work?

You can use Cobot for free without any restrictions for 30 days. After that we ask you to either start paying or to cancel your account.

Is Cobot secure?

Yes, all communication with Cobot is encrypted via industry standard SSL. Our servers are firewalled, passwords encrypted and credit card data is stored off-site at a secure location.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, you can upgrade, download and cancel any time.

Do I need a credit card?

Not for the free trial. We'll ask you for one when you start paying.

Running multiple spaces?

If you run more than one coworking space please contact us. We offer special plans with advanced features for networks.

What's the pricing?

We charge coworking spaces a flat fee per month.

For coworkers cobot is completely free.

Can I get a discount?

We'll give you one month of the year off if you switch to annual billing. Please get in touch.