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More Time For
Your Coworkers

Cobot is the leading management software for coworking spaces, office hubs, and flexible workspaces around the world.

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All the tools you need to run a Coworking Space in just one place

Cobot will save you from the chaos of endless spreadsheets so that you have time to focus on what really matters - time for your coworkers.

Whether you just opened a small creative space or run a multi-location hub, Cobot is the best tool to help you run your space more efficiently.

Use a single white labeled platform to take care of all daily administrative tasks. Onboard new members, streamline your billing, manage bookings and more – all in one easy and intuitive interface.

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Cobot helps coworking spaces in over 30 countries to run their business.

We process over $5,000,000 of revenue per month, manage 10,000 hours of weekly conference room bookings, and make over 60,000 members happy – every day.


Say goodbye to your spreadsheets! Cobot will help you run your space more efficiently, saving you loads of time.

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Cobot is completely free for 1 month, and it doesn’t cost anything for your members.

starting at

Up to 15 members. Cobot will only ever count your active members on a monthly plan towards your overall member number. This essentially means any members using your space as Day Pass or non-member users as well as company employees on a $0 monthly plan will not count towards the total Cobot member number.

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Start your free 1 month trial. No commitment or credit card required.

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