Social & Environmental Responsibility at Cobot

Our Commitment to Community, Society and the Environment

Cobot is a proud pioneer of the global coworking community and we seek to play a key role in driving new models of work and collaboration forward. The primary goal of Cobot is to provide all the necessary tools so that coworking spaces—regardless of their size or location—can grow to their full potential alongside their members, so that they may live more fulfilling lives and contribute positively to the lives of those around them.

Towards a More Inclusive and Diverse Coworking Community

Supporting Spaces and People

We are committed to creating a more diverse coworking community by supporting spaces and people regardless of their race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual identity, gender identity, gender expression, socioeconomic status, disability, religious beliefs and marital or parental status—and invite Cobot’s users, coworkers, community leaders and supporters to do the same and help us create safer spaces and positive experiences for everyone. Communities mirror the societies in which they exist. Positive action, pushing back against discrimination, and reflecting on the harmful messages we have all internalised are essential to counteract the many forms of inequality and abuses of power that exist in society.

Non-profit and Local Discounts

Cobot Plan Discounts

We are committed to providing support to spaces located in the Global South, nonprofits and independent spaces run by or that actively supports underrepresented groups — i.e: women, POC, LGBTQ people, refugees & people affected by classism. This support is reflected in our discount policy. Cobot offers up to 25% discount to nonprofit spaces and spaces with a social focus as listed above. Coworking spaces located in the Global South get up to 50% discount to ease disproportional currency exchange rates and its fluctuations.

To get the discount, just sign up for the free trial and send us an email with your account username, a link to your pricing structure and tell us about your space. We will work with you to calculate a fair quote.

Free Events for the Community

Opening our Own Space to the Community

Cobot was created at co.up, one the first coworking spaces in Berlin. We always worked towards inspiring people to share space and work together; over the years, countless people found their coworking home at co.up and contributed to our community. co.up was open for coworking from 2009 through the autumn of 2017 and our community is why co.up had such an accomplished run! Though co.up no longer operates as a coworking space, it grew to become the home of our growing Cobot team, which works on building the best software to manage coworking spaces!

Our space still remains open for community events, and is now called the co.up Community Space. On evenings and weekends we donate our space and equipment to various meetups, workshops and learning groups. They are using our event space and meeting rooms free of charge—and in return they open their events and workshops for the public to join for free.


Community and Event Sponsorships

Cobot is deeply rooted in the Coworking Movement. We visit, speak at, and sponsor many Coworking events, big and small, around the world. Among them are GCUC, CU Asia, Coworking Europe, BWA, Coworking Brasil, German Coworking Federation, Impact Hub Ruhr.

Team Culture

Community Mentoring and Volunteering

Beyond the coworking world, Cobot supports local and international community programs and events in the form of sponsorship such as RailsGirls Summer of Code, Open Tech School, CSSconf EU and JSConf EU.

Our team members are active in their local communities as mentors, workshop teachers, conference organizers. We support this by enabling time for community engagement and acknowleding volunteer work as a great way to develop personal and professional skills.

Read more about why we support local community events.

Cobot’s Environmental Responsibility

Respecting and Protecting the Environment

Cobot takes environmental responsibility seriously. All our servers and offices run on green energy. We apply CO₂ compensation models for train and air travel to reduce our carbon footprint (with the help of You can see our sustainability audit here.

We also donate to CO₂-saving transport initiatives, for example fLotte, who run a free cargo bike sharing service in Berlin.

Cobot <3 Community

To learn more about our core values, our company culture, and the people behind it, check out our our About Page and the Cobot Manifesto.

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