Automated Access Control

Ensure secure access control for your space

With Cobot's automated access control, you don’t have to worry about granting and revoking access to your coworking space. It's all taken care of as part of Cobot's Access Control Integrations.
Automate your access control

Trusted for more than a decade

Cobot works with established Access Control Systems and Standards like Salto, Sensorberg, Kisi and RADIUS.

Automated Access Control

  • Cobot’s access control integrations mean that your space is always secure
  • Cobot has integrations with a range of access control Systems, so you are free to shop around
  • 24/7 access means that your space can operate effectively without additional nighttime staff

The whole Cobot team has always been 200% invested in their product and service. I can only say: Thanks for everything!
Silvia Steude, juggleHUB, Germany