White-label Member Portal

Let your brand shine on every device and screen with a few clicks.

With Cobot’s white-label member portal, you can maintain a consistent brand and provide a seamless experience for your members. Customize the colors, and logo, to match your coworking brand.

Create your branded member portal.

Trusted by established Coworking brands everywhere

Over 500 coworking spaces worldwide trust Cobot for their member portal.

White-label Member Portal

  • The free and customizable help-desk keeps your customers informed and up-to-date with the goings-on within your community
  • The self-service options allow members to handle their invoices, bookings, and memberships themselves
  • Through the member directory, your members can connect with each other and form new friendships, or valuable business opportunities

The whole Cobot team has always been 200% invested in their product and service. I can only say: Thanks for everything!
Silvia Steude, juggleHUB, Germany