Event Booking and Ticketing

Sell tickets and manage event bookings with ease

Cobot's event booking and ticketing feature allows you to seamlessly sell tickets for events hosted in your coworking space. Manage attendee lists and reserve rooms for them, all within Cobot as part of your base subscription.
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Trusted for more than a decade

Cobot processed more than 100k event bookings last year.

Event Booking and Ticketing

  • Event Bookings unlocks another stream of revenue for your space, be it a wine-tasting evening, or a local business showcase
  • Integration with your Booking Calendar ensures that resources of your space are available when needed for your event
  • Send out invites and updates to events to help keep your members engaged and grow your community

It's a wonderful service. It quietly runs without needing my attention - a crucial advantage for running a business.
Christopher Floyd, Indies Workshop, USA