Coworking First Steps

Coworking Security & Access Control

It’s time to make your life easier and run your coworking space more effectively—without becoming the coworking police. You can easily create a more inviting space for coworkers with automatic check-in’s and attendance-tracking.

RFID Or Wi-Fi Integration

If you want to use RFID chips, all your members have to do is scan their access badge. When using Wi-Fi, it is even easier: A simple captive portal (authentication page) allows members to register their devices the first time they log on, after which the attendance-tracking will continue to run automatically.

Cobot records your coworkers’ arrival and checks whether they have time passes and/or credit left on their membership for using the space. If they do not, Cobot advises them to purchase additional passes, or can refuse access to the building or your network.


Automatic attendance-tracking offers a win-win situation. It is an inviting way to start working, without needing to go past barriers such as a check-in desk. This saves time, hassle, and offers more accurate attendance statistics for your front office.

Moreover, it allows for spontaneity, as you can skip pre-bookings and advance payments and simply charge coworkers for their actual use of the space. And instead of having someone tied to the reception desk, your staff can spend their time interacting with members instead of checking them in and out.

Get Creative!

As mentioned earlier, automatic attendance-tracking provides you with accurate statistics on “hours consumed” by your coworkers, which allows you to get creative with membership plans and manage them automatically. For example, why not offer “20 hours of coworking per month for $50,” “work for free from 6pm to 8pm,” or “coworking 3 days per week.” Fun and flexible for coworkers; effective and efficient for you!

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