Bookings and Calendar

Eliminate the hassles of double bookings and manual lists

Your meeting rooms, phone booths, and event spaces are critical for your business, and you need to schedule reservations with precision and reliability. That’s why Cobot brings you a feature-packed bookings calendar designed for both administrators and members.

And with our complimentary Add-On, integrating your bookings with your other tools like Google calendar becomes a seamless experience.

Offer conflict-free bookings

A decade of trust with Cobot

Cobot handles more than 30k bookings per month, conflict-free. We stand as your dependable ally in ensuring smooth, conflict-free reservations of all your resources, across all your locations.

Bookings and Calendar

  • Tailored Booking Choices: Customize options based on membership plans, booking times, or duration.
  • Free Room Display: Utilize our complimentary tablet display Add-On to showcase real-time room availability and status across your space.
  • Flexible Booking Modes: Choose from self-service for automated convenience, admin-only for tighter oversight, or a hybrid of both to best suit your needs.

We owe a lot of our success to Cobot. Whatever it promises it delivers and it delivers without problems.
Lucas Seyhoun, The Farm Soho, USA