How does Cobot help your Coworking Space?

We ran a coworking space too, and we remember the old days filled with stacks of paperwork, endless spreadsheets, and a patchwork of apps that only half worked. Cobot was developed to automate these everyday tasks and help other coworking spaces to run effortlessly.

Whether you’re operating a small shared office or a multi-location hub, Cobot is the most flexible and easy to use solution for every space.

Activity Dashboard

Have Full Control of Your Space

Easily manage your front desk, sign up new members, assign plans, and keep track of everything that’s going on in your space.

White-label customization

Add Your Brand

Customize Cobot using our white-label package. Personalize colors and add your logo to give your members the look and feel that you want.

Member Profiles

Know Your Members

Check member data, update plans, preview invoices, and manage bookings and time passes - all from each individual member’s dashboard.

Plans Setup

Create Highly Customizable Plans

Set up plans by the hour, a few days a week, by the month, or even yearly. Add time passes, booking credits, discounted access to meeting rooms, lockers … it’s up to you! The possibilities are endless.

Billing & Payments

Keep your Billings in Check

Say goodbye to your spreadsheets. Cobot will automate all your payments and invoicing. Every transaction is tracked and handled so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Choose from our list of payment providers to accept credit cards, direct debit, PayPal, and more. There are no additional Cobot fees for payment processing.

Booking Calendar

Manage Rooms and Resources

Members can check real time availability and book conference rooms, equipment, and other types of resources. Booking charges are automatically calculated based on usage and are either discounted from your members’ plan or added to their next invoice. As an admin, there is no limit to the number of resources you can add using Cobot. And if you have a tablet, you can turn it into a digital display with our Meeting Room Display Add-on.

External Bookings

Get The Most Out Of Your Resources

External Bookings allows non-members to book and pay for your resources, like meeting rooms or technical equipment. Customize how resources appear in your own Public Resource Portal, and maximize your revenue by choosing from our flexible pricing plans.

Member View

Connect Your Members

Provide a fully customized platform for your members in which they can update their profiles, make bookings and see who else is in the space.

Wi-Fi & RFID Integrations

Track Check-Ins

Forget about manually tracking when members arrive and leave. Cobot automatically checks your members in when they connect to the wi-fi or use swipe cards.

Door Lock & Access Solutions

Automate Access

Fully automate your access control with Cobot and systems like Kisi and Tapkey. Grant mobile access to members via Android and iPhone, set up rules for plans and define access areas, open compatible smart locks, wall readers, and furniture locks.

Spaces Mapping

Open Multiple Locations

Cobot supports spaces of all sizes all around the world, some serving over 2000 members per month. There are a number of tools available to map and link multiple locations. All your members need to do is walk through the doors at your other locations.

Business Analytics

Learn from Your Data

Cobot crunches the numbers to generate statistics that display valuable utilization information to help you understand and optimize your space. Track your members, revenue, bookings and more to get real insights from your members' behavior.

Web Application

Keep it All Safe in the Cloud

With our reliable cloud infrastructure there’s no need to install or download anything. Ever.


Manage Your Space From Everywhere

The Cobot web app is optimized to work flawlessly across mobile and tablet devices. You can check your dashboard, add members, manage bookings and pretty much do everything you need — no matter where you are.

API Documentation

Create Your Own Tools

Cobot’s API allows you to adapt our platform to the needs of your space. Whether you’d like to integrate with a local third-party software or build your own branded app, Cobot can grow with you. Our API is thoroughly documented and almost all your data is accessible through it, so only your imagination is the limit.


Tailor Cobot to Your Needs

Customize and enhance your Cobot experience even further with over a dozen Add-ons. Add Member Engagement metrics, an Events Manager, and a Tip Jar to collect money for drinks and snacks.


Connect with apps you already know and love

Easily export and sync your data across many services. Cobot will connect with hundreds of third-party applications to make your workflow more efficient and meet the unique needs of your space.

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Free Customer Support

Benefit from our 12 Years of Experience

Our customer support team has a name and a face. Meet Amanda, Laura, Clara and Morgan – we are ready to help and answer any questions you have through email, chat and Skype. We also offer free tech support, even to outsourced programmers.

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