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Glad you are here! What can we do for you? Need some help? Here are our detailed FAQs and Guides where you will most likely find the answers you are looking for. If you aren’t able to find the answers to your questions, please don’t hesitate to write us an E-Mail.

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We do our best to reply to all support requests as fast as we can. Cobot is handmade with love. We don’t outsource, we manage everything in house, so contact us and we will be there for you as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, please check out our FAQs and Guides first. For any topics not covered or custom requests, you can send an email to or request a getting started session.


These Guides will help you understand how Cobot works and how to set things up.

A. The Basics

1. Registering your coworking space 2. Space Settings 3. Customization 4. Members overview 5. Adding members 6. The activity dashboard 7. Adding administrators

B. Plans & Space Access

1. Adding Membership Plans 2. Time passes 3. Hourly time passes 4. Monthly Extras 5. Adding Deposit or Signup fees 6. Custom Plans 7. Paying for other Members or Employees 8. Companies paying a flat fee for their employees 9. Companies with longer-term leases and employees 10. Checking in members 11. Changing plans 12. Cancelling membership

C. Booking Calendar

1. Managing resources 2. Prepaid booking passes 3. How to book a resource 4. Recurring bookings 5. Editing bookings 6. Syncing calendar feeds

D. Communication with Members

1. Help Desk 2. Member questions 3. Emailing from Cobot 4. Cobot's Slack integration 5. Cobot's MailChimp integration 6. Targeted marketing using Cobot's MailChimp add-on 7. Improving email delivery success from your domain

E. Billing & Payments

1. Invoicing 2. Credit cards and direct debit 2. PayPal 3. Prorated invoices 4. Issuing refunds 5. One-time Charges 6. Free-form Invoices 7. Accounting codes 8. Working with multiple tax rates or currencies

F. Analytics & Reporting

1. Analytics overview 2. Analytics add-ons 3. Exporting member data 4. Exporting Invoice Data 5. Exporting booking data 6. Exporting check-in data

G. Wi-Fi Integration

1. Wifi Integration 2. Radius Setup 3. Creating a wifi guest account

H. Multiple Spaces & Pro Accounts

1. Registering additional spaces 2. Give members access to multiple spaces

I. Access Control

1. RFID/swipe card check-in 2. Setting up the Cobot KISI integration 3. Creating your own RFID integration (API)

J. Zapier Integration

1. Getting started with Zapier 2. Cobot to Slack Zapier Integration 3. Connecting Cobot with a CRM through Zapier (best practices) 4. Updating Salesforce contact when a member cancels 5. List of available fields for Zapier triggers


How can I delete a how-to?


Can I display Cobot bookings outside my meeting rooms? Can I get a separate calendar feed for each meeting room? Can my members be notified about upcoming meetings? How can non-members book a meeting room?

Cobot Pricing

How does Cobot calculate the number of members of my space? How much does Cobot cost/what is the pricing? Is there a white-label version of Cobot available?


Can I build my website with Cobot? Can I use my own domain? Do you have a phone app/mobile website? Do you offer printer integration? How are the numbers in the Analytics section calculated? How can I change the name of my addons? How can I track my revenue? How can I use Google Analytics? How do I delete admins? How do I delete my account? How does Cobot assign day passes, do they roll-over? I am an admin. How can I see my member view? Why does Cobot say my email isn't working? Why don't we revoke access when a payment fails? Will you translate Cobot into my language?


Can Cobot sync with Outlook? Can I Use Cobot as a CRM? Can I also use my Liquidspace Account? Can I embed the booking calendar on my website? Can I embed the plans I've created with Cobot on my website? Can I give members vouchers? How can I get a print copy of my calendar? How can I give guests access to our Wi-Fi? How can I see if a member was invited to my space's Slack team? How can I see if a member was invited to my spaces KISI place? Netbox troubleshooting What can I do if my coworkers don't see the wifi login page? Why can't some of my members see our add-ons?


Are time passes also prorated? Can Cobot prorate mid-month or when I change a member's plan? Can I add a retention rate to invoices? Can I give members a discount on their plan? Can I have members be charged immediately when they sign up? Can I list multiple people to receive an invoice? Can I offer a discount for committing to longer term memberships? Can I offer my members to pay in advance (lump sums)? Can invoices be sent to a different email address than a member's primary email? How can I add an annual (yearly) membership fee? How can I add cash payments or other manual payment methods? How can I bill a deposit/early payment in advance? How can I change the day my coworkers are invoiced? How can I create a weekly plan? How can I give my members a short-term promotion rate? How can I require my members to add a payment method? How can I send an invoice anytime? What exactly does Cobot do when an invoice is due?


Can I have Cobot send an email before a member is charged? Can I limit the number of members per plan? Can I make the member phone number a required field? Can I send messages/emails/newsletters to my members? How can I change my own/my coworker's email or password? How can I check in the guests of my members? How can I invite a member to see his/her Cobot profile? How can I pause/freeze a membership? How can I reactivate a cancelled member? How can I remove member's coworker profiles? How can admins/members upload their picture? How can my member reset their password? How do I delete a coworker who has cancelled their membership? How do I delete the test members? How do I delete/remove members? When do day passes / booking passes expire?

Learn Coworking

Here’s a collection of resources you will find specially useful if you are starting up a coworking space: From your membership plans and agreements, to resources on payment methods, internet control, events for your community.


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